To “End” A Hero… And To Save Him?

There were more than a few outcries when fan favourite Robin Hood was killed off on ”Once Upon a Time” shortly before the season 5 finale. ”Nonsensical”, ”Odd”, ”Betrayal”, ”Plot device”, ”Devolution”, ”Erratic writing”, ”Cruel”, “Unnecessary”, ”Worst TV death in history” were just a few of the labels given from fans and critics alike to describe how they saw it.



OUAT Viewers Still Fighting For Hope

Any death is sad. But on TV, more often than not, fans do tend to move on and accept, however reluctantly, that this is now the story. So far, this has not been the case with our dearly departed or rather, ”ended”, Prince of Thieves. A frantic fight is still going on as fans try to convince the powers that be to undo the death of a fairy tale character personifying hope and second chances who has also gained a deep devotion as a father figure and capacious soul mate.

Are the creators of the show surprised by this response? Perhaps. What has become clear over the past month is that Robin Hood has meaning for the fans both with and separate from Regina. This is interesting in itself considering the limited amount of screen time given to Robin Hood during season 5. Although being Sean Maguire’s first season as a series regular, it has been the season his character had the fewest lines and the least to do. Most viewers, however, seemed to think that there was just a lot going on and that eventually the writers would get to Robin. They would reveal his dark past, maybe touch upon the origin of the lion tattoo and, of course, move him forward with Regina as a pixie dust endowed soulmate power couple. None of that happened. Robin was ended in what to many viewers appeared as a rushed episode going against everything they had ever hoped for. Since then the heartbreak has been ablaze across Social Media on a global scale.

Every week has been dedicated to something Robin and Regina. Fans are practically pleading with series creator Adam Horowitz to not rob them of hope. To not let them drown in the realization that second chances aren’t really real. It seems there is a magic to ”Once Upon a Time” stemming from the deep seeded meaning that fairy tales have always had for us as human beings. Perhaps that’s why viewers are not letting up.

It has been implied that the decision of Robin’s end was made to further Regina’s story. Fan response to that has been fairly constant – that repeating Regina’s losses only devolves the story and takes us back to where it has already been. Seeing as season 6 will feature not one but two versions of Regina, viewers would have wanted Robin to be a part of that – to actually stand face to face with the darkest version of his beloved soulmate. That would have been quite the evolution. But who’s to say. Perhaps that has been ­­what was planned all along?

No matter what. The audience is still fighting ( continually trends). For hope in their lives, for their hero, for happy endings – for what fairy tales mean to them. There is no shortage of ideas of how to bring Robin back nor for the love flowing in Sean Maguire’s direction. Fellow cast members have also voiced that they hope for Sean Maguire’s return to the show. It’s been something to see. What remains is if it will have meaning and impact with the people who have the real power to bring him back – and restore hope in a world that needs it.